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Magnetic Gripper

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Magswitch E-Series offers two to three times the holding force of similarly sized magnetic grippers.

Festo distributes the Magswitch Electric Series (E-Series) of intelligent magnetic grippers. Not electromagnet or electropermanent magnet-based, the gripper contains proprietary switching technology that’s capable of two to three times the holding forces of any similarly sized magnetic grippers. Pole shoes that shape the magnetic field are offered in standard and custom configurations to ensure the correct grip for the application. The units can identify and grip individual blanks down to .6 mm in thickness. The E-Series feature an actuation time of 250 milliseconds. Since it’s switching technology reduces magnetism to zero in the off state, ferrous particles fall off the gripper. They operate on 24 VDC with serial communication protocols and there are options for control via any Ethernet protocol.


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