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SCHUNK EGM series features high gripping force in a small package.

October 17, 2017   by Design Engineering staff

SCHUNK released its EGM-M monopole gripper. Measuring 26 mm x 98 mm, the digitally controllable, magnetic gripper is suitable for handling parts weighing up to 10kg. Using electro-permanent magnets, the EGM-M requires a current pulse for 300ms for actuation and deactivation and therefore maintains its grip in the case of an emergency stop or a sudden loss of power. The SCHUNK EGM-B bi-pole gripper is designed for handling heavy and complex ferromagnetic parts and is available with one, two, or four pole pairs in different arrangements. The EGM series have a gripping force of 1.2 and 22.5kN, and is designed for parts weighing a maximum of 147kg, with a material thickness starting from 3.5mm. For handling of thin sheets, the gripping force can be reduced in eight stages with an additional control unit.

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