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Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite offers faster segmentation and easier FEA meshing.

Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 19Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite is a flexible platform of 3D printing software and services enabling engineers and researchers to achieve rapid, reliable image segmentation and accurate 3D reconstruction using validated software. Users can segment medical images with intuitive tools such as a live 3D Mask Preview. Algorithms in the finite element analysis mesh preparation workflow allow the user to obtain high-quality meshes with more ease. With the uniform mesh algorithm, the triangle quality is improved and the results require far less calculation time. A new non-manifold assembly algorithm was introduced. This makes it easier to combine multiple parts, such as a bone and an implant, in a single mesh. The Split Tool automatically splits two adjacent tissues by marking the two tissues in a few slices. It is possible to alternate between 2D and 3D editing in a single operation. 3D models can also be fine-tuned with a more intuitive Contour Editing. With the help of the live 3D Preview, the user gets immediate feedback on the effect of all these edits on the virtual model.


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