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General Faro

FARO Launches innovative measurement arm, the FARO Edge.

FARO Technologies, Inc. introduced the FARO Edge and V4 Laser Line Probe. The FARO Edge is a portable measurement arm that performs inspections, tool certifications, CAD-to-part analysis and reverse engineering via hard probing and non-contact laser scanning.

The Edge features an integrated personal measurement assistant, with a built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system. Available in three popular working volumes and 7-axis configuration, the Edge features smart sensor technology to warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations and detect possible setup problems.

The unit also provides Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity as well as improved improved weight distribution and multi-function handle port
to interchange accessories quickly. In addition, the FARO V4 Laser Line Probe features a wider laser stripe for increased scan coverage with variable capture rates that can produce more than 45,000 points per second.



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