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Mechanical Linear Drive

Amacoil’s mechanical rolling ring linear drive allows users to fine tune end stops while in operation through control knobs.

July 10, 2018   Staff

UhingAmacoil now offers its Uhing rolling ring linear drive, which allows for greater precision control while offering a mechanical alternative to electronically controlled linear motion systems. By placing the end stops on threaded rods, control knobs attached to either end rotate, causing the end stops to move in fine increments for improved precision in setting reversal points. Additionally, using the control knobs, the operator may adjust stroke length while the drive is in operation without placing hands near moving parts. The fine stroke adjustment option is available on new Uhing assemblies and, in some cases, may be retrofitted to existing Uhing drive set-ups. There are nineteen different sizes of Uhing Model RG linear drives. Depending on the size, axial thrust ranges from 7 to 800 pounds. 

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