Micro Stages

Steinmeyer MT stage line features ultra fine accuracy and repeatability.

Comments Off on Micro Stages October 5, 2012
by Design Engineering Staff

Steinmeyer, Inc. announced its MT 196LM series, a line of high precision micro stage, available in two travel options: 100 mm or 200 mm. The MT196LM has a footprint of 110 mm x 196 mm, height of 45 mm and, depending on which stage you choose, weighs 4.1 or 4.7 kgs. Manufactured from high strength anodized aluminum, the table series offers a positional accuracy of 2 µm; straightness/flatness runout of +/- 5 µm for 100 mm of travel; and +/- 10 µm for 200 mm of travel with repeatability of +/- 0.2 µm. Features include preloaded cross roller bearings, fixed stops, incremental linear encoder with 0.1 µm resolution and a linear piezo motor drive.