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Motion Control Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions

Haydon Kerk Motion’s Microslide achieves resolution of 15 microns per step.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions releases a microslide linear actuator capable of a resolution of 15 microns / step (0.0006-in/step) and a maximum load of 13N (3 lb-f). The The microslide is approximately 22mm (0.87-in) wide by 25.2mm (1.0-in) high and is capable of up to a 64mm (2.5-in) maximum stroke length.

Driven by a Haydon 15000 Series 15mm (0.59-in) can-stack motor, the leadscrew is 303 stainless steel and is available in 5 different leads including 0.3mm (0.012-in), 0.4mm (0.016-in), 0.5mm 0.020-in), 1.0mm 0.039-in) and 2.0mm (0.079-in). A lightweight anodized aluminum base plate houses the lead screw bushing and is rigidly attached to the aluminum motor mounting plate. The slide load carriage is made from self-lubricating polyacetal and features a built-in clearance take-up mechanism.


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