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Mini-Magnetic Encoders

Renishaw non-contact encoders provide high-resolution rotary or linear position feedback.

January 21, 2015   by Design Engineering staff

15-Renishaw-encoder-360Renishaw affiliate company RLS introduced three miniature magnetic encoders for embedded OEM motion control applications. The components consist of a miniature sensor and a magnetic scale or a ring. The sensors are available in a potted housing or as PCB board level sensors. Position information can be output in incremental quadrature TTL or RS422, as well as parallel in SSI and BiSS-C formats, with the option of a unique or periodic reference mark. The new encoder series includes the RoLin, a packaged, magnetic position encoder that can provide interpolation rates up to 13-bit, as well as fault monitoring, with speeds up to 40 meters/sec, depending on resolution. Also included are the RLC board-level encoder with magnetic scale technology and the RLB encoder with a FPC flat cable connector.

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