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Miniature Modular Encoders

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Motion Control Machine Building encoder HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN’s non-contact ERO encoders suited for diverse motion control applications.

14-mar-haidenhein-encoder-360HEIDENHAIN launched its ERO 1200/1400 series of modular optical rotary encoders without integral bearing. With onboard interpolation, the ERO 1400 can achieve resolutions of 37,500 signal periods per revolution. The encoders’ bearingless design allows axial motion up to ±0.02mm, providing room for thermal growth of motors or machines. This encoder series supports line driven TTL outputs (RS422), as well as differential one volt peak-to-peak signals. The ERO 1400 features through-shaft diameters of 4, 6, or 8mm, and a self-centering slide mechanism. The ERO 1200 is available with a 10mm or 12mm shaft, offering a graduation accuracy of ±6 arc seconds.


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