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Modular Transfer and Diverter Station


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Regal's new low-noise, low-voltage MODSORT station easily integrates with new or existing material handling systems.

MODSORT modular transfer and diverter stationRegal’s MODSORT modular transfer and diverter station eliminates the need for a lift or pneumatics and can be easily integrated into new or existing material handling systems with the ability to transfer a wide array of products. The MODSORT station features the System Plast 2253RT roller top belt, which allows it to uniquely transfer and divert packages based on the sphere’s vector speed and direction while also featuring a 1-inch, on-center sphere array to allow for very small packages to be diverted. The station can divert on the fly or stop and divert at a true 90-degree angle, and is ideal for polybags and small packages while also easily handling boxes. MODSORT stations can be placed end to end to create a medium-rate sorter or integrated with conveyors to create transfer stations within conveyor systems. Customization is possible for picking and packing stations within the modern distribution center. Additionally, retrofitting the station into existing conveyor systems is also possible.


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