Modular Encoder

RSF Elektronik MSR 40 modular rotary position feedback system enables angle measurement on large axes.

0 December 16, 2014
by Design Engineering staff

Picture 002RSF Elektronik unveiled its MSR 40 modular rotary position feedback system that provides a quick way to measure angle on larger rotary axes. The optical kit style encoder provides a 200 micron grating pitch on a steel tape that has three ways of being applied to the axis of motion. Available with a minimum diameter of 150mm to a maximum of 1150mm, the encoder uses same reader head for all the various diameters. It is offered with analog 1 Volt peak to peak interface as well as digital TTL interface with up to one hundred times interpolation. All measuring tape versions of this encoder have a +/- 30 micron per meter accuracy associated with the circumference of tape.

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