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MCT560 Series Online NIR Analyzers

Due to rising ingredient prices and a volatile fuel market, industries are searching for innovative solutions to reduce waste and optimize processing efficiencies. KPM Analytics addresses these challenges head-on by introducing the MCT560 Online NIR (Near Infrared) Sensor Series. It accurately measures parameters such as moisture, oil (fat), coat weight and temperature, among other characteristics.

The MCT560 Series is a family of three different sensors to serve the diverse needs of industrial manufacturing and food processing users.

  • MCT560: Designed for industrial manufacturing applications, including wood products, paper converting, chemicals and minerals, tobacco, and many others.
  • MCT566: Designed for use in food production applications such as snack foods, baked goods, ingredients, animal feed and many others.
  • MCT569: Also designed for food production but offers full washdown capability (IP69 rated).

One key improvement is its measurement speed—the MCT560 analyzer scans at three-times the speed of the previous MCT460 NIR Sensor Series. The system records an impressive 99 data points per second for more precise, real-time analysis, making it possible to measure individual products on a high-speed conveyor belt.

The new MCT560 Series is an online, non-contact sensor system based on proven, reliable, and widely used near-infrared (NIR) technology. It easily integrates into existing conveyor systems and offers rapid and continuous analysis for manufacturers and food processing facilities.



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