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ACS Motion Control's MP4U has a current range of 3.3A / 10A (continuous peak) to 13.3A/40A.

ACS MP4UACS Motion Control has developed a modular rack-mounted motion control system that quickly and easily integrates up to eight universal motor drives with power supplies and an optional EtherCAT motion controller to deliver a customized solution. Completely self-contained in a compact 19″ rack-mounted chassis, the MP4U can be a replacement for high power, high cost linear drive based solutions. The MP4U control system can be configured with up to 8 axes of high performance UDM3U drives and/or ultra-high performance NPM3U (NanoPWM) drives and a 48Vdc and/or 96Vdc motor bus voltage power supply. An optional internal motion controller, with optional EtherCAT network slave (DS402 multi-axis drive) functionality will be available in 2018. The MP4U drives are EtherCAT slaves that may be managed by either an external motion controller, such as the SPiiPlusEC, or by an internal one. The internal controller is to be released during 2018, its functionally is identical to the SPiiPlusEC. The MP4U has a current range of 3.3A / 10A (continuous peak) to 13.3A/40A. The compact unit has a height of 260mm, width of 483mm and depth of 306mm.




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