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OES’ multi-axis ADAGIO-X-STPR Series system designed to drive single and multi-axis stepper motor stages.

September 13, 2021   by DE staff

Optimal Engineering Systems’ (OES) has added the ADAGIO-X-STPR Series of motion control systems, designed to driving single and multi-axis stepper motor stages. Each 19-inch rack mounted controller includes a power supply, and motion controller cards for 1 to 4 axes, and micro-stepper drivers for single and two-phase steppers requiring up to 7 amps per phase. The unit’s capabilities include set acceleration, set velocity, set position, absolute move, relative move, find home, zero position counter, go to position zero, stop all motors, and limit switches. The controllers operate on an input power of 115 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, have Auto Current Reduction, and can be ordered Plug-and-Play.

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