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ACS’ ECMsm motion controller with drives accommodates multiple motor types.

November 9, 2020   by DE Staff

ACS Motion Control launched its ECMsm, a compact 2- or 4-axis motion controller with internal drives, The first product in the company’s Economical Control Module line, the controller provides up to 5/10A per axis with 12-48 VDC drive supply. The ECMsm features a multi-processor architecture and universal servo drive technology to integrate and control most types of motors and stages. Other featues include ACSPL+ real-time programming with up to 6 simultaneous threads and comprehensive host programming libraries. The controller’s interface is compatible with multiple motor types on each axis including brushless, brush, voice coil, or stepper motors.In additon, the controller integrates Safe Torque Off (STO), SS1 functional safety capabilities.

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