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Multi-material AM platform

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Additive Manufacturing

Sintratec’s All-Material Platform (AMP) enables processing of all its materials on the same production line.

Swiss 3D printing system maker, Sintratec, unveiled its latest update to the company’s All-Material Platform (AMP) at the Formnext 3D printing trade show in November. Touted as modular and scalable, the company’s Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)-based AMP platform divides the 3D printers into two parts. The system’s build modules carry everything that comes into contact with the printing material, such as the powder tanks and the recoater. The second part, the fusion modules, contain its more expensive components, such as the laser and the optics. As a result, various polymers and metals can be processed on the same production line.

The company’s latest modules include the Sintratec S3 and the MCU-220. The S3 incorporates a 30-watt fiber laser to increase printing speed. The company’s MCU-220 build module features a 90% larger build volume, making it the ideal choice for bigger objects and a higher throughput. Additionally, the AMP material portfolio is expanded with the Sintratec PA12 GF – a glass-filled polyamide 12 variant for parts with an exceptionally high stiffness and impact strength.


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