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Multiaxis Design and Manufacture Series for FANUC RoboDrill

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Multiaxis LLC and Methods Machine Tools Inc. have introduced the Multiaxis Design and Manufacture Series. This new integrated cloud-based solution for the FANUC RoboDrill enables end users to design, simulate and execute manufacturing processes without additional cost.

The Multiaxis Design and Manufacture Series is accessed through Multiaxis’ online learning platform to provide a single application view that:

  • delivers greater consistency in design work
  • accelerates product development
  • optimizes processing workflows; and
  • automates the creation of tool paths

“We began this series to help small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses become more productive and innovative,” said Michael Kaminski, President of Multiaxis, LLC. “In collaboration with Methods, and the support of technology from Autodesk and CloudNC, we bring together powerful capabilities that enable designers and manufacturers to work together more effectively and achieve their objectives with greater reliability. We are committed to equipping our clients with the latest tools and knowledge, aiming to set new standards for what can be achieved in digital manufacturing.”

With the new software package, Methods further expands its support of the FANUC RoboDrill, pairing the Design and Manufacturing Series with end-to-end sales and support of RoboDrill products, engineering, automation and robotics.


The Design and Manufacture Series will be provided with the purchase of any 3-axis FANUC RoboDrill from Methods, with direct technical support provided by Multiaxis.


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