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Motion Control Machine Building encoder Leine & Linde

Leine & Linde PSE 923 Duo encoder designed for heavy industry.

14-Dec-Leine-encoder-360Leine & Linde unveiled it model PSE 923 encoder to meet the needs of the steel, mining, and heavy equipment industries. The PSE 923 Duo can provide absolute rotary position values with up to 19 bits single-turn and 12 bits turn-counting, for a 31 bit measurement capability. Incremental outputs are available in any resolution up to 32768 ppr (215). The compact encoder features an aluminum housing and dual bearing sets for heavy-duty applications where shock, vibration and shaft loads are extreme. It also features the company’s inductive measurement technology, which offers higher resolution and accuracy magnetic technologies, the company says. In addition, the encoder houses a composite code wheel, instead of glass disks, and its multi-turn absolute position is implemented without mechanical gearing.


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