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Nikon Metrology's Inspect-X 5.1 includes X.Tend a new acquisition method that allows customers to extend the height of their CT scan.

Nikon Metrology X.TendNikon Metrology introduces Inspect-X 5.1, the latest release of the acquisition and control software for Nikon Metrology’s range of X-ray and CT systems. With 5.1, Inspect-X now features X.Tend, a new CT acquisition method that enables users to scan taller samples with improved image quality. The X.Tend method that allows customers to extend the height of their CT scan by moving the tall sample up through the X-ray cone-beam as the sample rotates. X.Tend eliminates the need to have partial scans of a sample that are stitched back together afterwards. Nikon Metrology also introduces new reconstruction workstations with completely new architecture, redesigned to exceed the performance requirements of modern X-ray CT. Five configurations of workstations deliver the latest computing technologies within our customers’ budget and requirements, whilst maintaining our world-class reconstruction speeds.


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