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Non-invasive temperature sensor

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Fluid Power Energy ABB temperature sensors

ABB has launched an enhanced version of its NINVA TSP341-N non-invasive temperature sensor, delivering safer and simpler temperature measurements for applications in the chemical, oil and gas industries. The new NINVA is the first SIL2-certified non-invasive temperature transmitter, making it a safe non-invasive temperature measurement sensor on the market.

Using the surface temperature of the piping to infer the process temperature, NINVA provides the same level of accuracy and performance of an invasive measurement device without the risks and lifecycle costs associated with specification, installation and maintenance.

Now SIL2-certified, NINVA TSP341-N is built on the proven TTH300 temperature transmitter and delivers a range of new features based on customer feedback. These include a unique remote mount configuration, improved resistance to vibration, optional configurations for applications up to 550°C (1022°F), and simpler calibration and maintenance through extractable measuring insets with independent sensor calibration and trimming. Clamp collars for pipe diameters of 40 to 2,500 mm and special designs for diameters below 40 mm also avoid the need for complex thermowell designs for smaller pipes without sacrificing accuracy or performance.



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