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High Performance Polymeric Material

Oxford Performance Materials OXFAB–Ni offers the same weight & strength as high performance aluminum alloys and effective shield against radiation.

May 29, 2017   Staff

OPM OXFAB-NiOxford Performance Materials (OPM) launched its nickel-plated OXFAB–Ni, offering 3D-printed PEKK-based parts that replace high performance aluminum alloys for aerospace and industrial applications. OPM’s OXFAB technology is ideally suited for highly demanding end-market aerospace, satellite and defense applications where functional complexity and weight reduction can have a substantial and positive impact on performance. The principal material of construction for OXFAB–Ni is OPM’s proprietary PEKK (poly-ether-ketone-ketone) formulation, OXPEKK. This high performance polymeric material has an extraordinary range of benefits that include robust mechanical performance, extreme temperature tolerance, high purity, gamma stability, and extremely high chemical resistance. Key performance characteristics of OXFAB–Ni include: Same weight & strength as high performance aluminum alloys; Effective shield against radiation; Near limitless shape; 375°F capable and rapid manufacture.

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