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PI's P-616 NanoCube XYZ piezo scanner offers 100µm travel in compact 40x40x40 nm design.

PI Piezo scannerPI’s P-616 NanoCube XYZ piezo scanner is based on a parallel-kinematic design, with only one lightweight moving platform for all 3 axes, higher precision and dynamics are available in a more compact package. The miniature multi-axis stage, the P-616 NanoCube, is also the smallest and lightest system with capacitive feedback delivering 100µm travel range. The positioner is operated with PI’s new E-727 digital servo piezo controller. Compared to conventional analog piezo controllers, it offers the advantage of higher linearity, faster settling and scanning speed, and easy access to all motion parameters. An all-inclusive software package is included: drivers for LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux, MATLAB. Interfaces consist of USB, SPI, RS-232, and analog. Supported functions include Wave generator, data recorder, auto zero, and trigger I/O. The XYZ stage is driven by ceramic-encapsulated, preloaded PICMA piezo actuators that provide better performance and reliability than conventionally insulated piezo actuators.


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