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Kinitics Automation’s KPP05 Piston Pump delivers precision displacement in a small package.

August 18, 2018   by DE Staff

Kinitics Automation its KPP05 Piston Pump, a shape memory alloy-based positive displacement pump that uses proprietary Bundled Wire technology to deliver a precision stroke. Driven by the company’s KLA05 Linear Actuator, the product requires AC or DC electrical power to operate, and allows for displacement or pressure control when additional sensors are used. Equipped with a standard 25mm bore, the KPP05 Piston Pump offers positional accuracy of +/- 5µm, rated pressure to 10 Bar (145psi) and displacement up to 3.3cc (0.2cu. in.). In the adition, the piston pump delivers flow rates up to 10 LPH (2.6 GPH), has configurable ports and features IP67 environmental protection.

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