Pitch and Roll Stages

OES’ PR100-45-01 and PR100-45-02 precisely measure curvature and angles.

0 April 15, 2020
by DE Staff

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) introduced two Pitch and Roll stages for the measurement of angles and the curvature of objects. The PR100-45-01 (pictured) is driven by stepper motors and the PR100-45-02 is driven by brushless servo motors with quadrature incremental optical encoders. The pitch axis (lower stage) is a high precision goniometer stage which features preloaded cross roller guides and a high ratio worm drive for smooth motion over a range of travel of +/- 45 degrees. It has a typical accuracy of 0.05 degrees and repeatability of +/- 0.01 degrees.

The 100mm diameter Roll axis (upper stage) has a 180:1 gear ratio, an accuracy of 0.05 degrees and repeatability of +/- 0.01 degrees. The resolution of the PR100-45-01 stepper motor driven duel-axis stage depends on the resolution of the step motor driver resolution or the optical encoder if a servo motor is used. A resolution of 0.001 degrees equivalent to 3.6 arc-sec can be achieved using a10 micro-steps per step stepper motor driver or an encoder with a resolution of 500 cycles per revolution. The PR100-45-02 that features servo motors and optical quadrature encoders are used for very precise closed loop operation and greater speeds.

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