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Planetary Gearhead

Maxon GP2 line additions designed for high-torque applications.

July 15, 2013   by Design Engineering Staff

Maxon Motor has added two gearheads to its GP 32 line, which feature a reinforced planetary carrier, repositioned bearings and a ceramic version. Maxon’s GP 32 AR and GP 32 CR gearheads position the bearings of the output stage as far apart as possible to compensate for radial forces of up to 140 N. In addition, the axles of the planet gears are securely fixed in both halves of the planetary carrier and ceramic axles can be selected to achieve maximum torque and life span. The short-term permissible torque reaches up to 1.25 Nm. The gearheads are available with output shafts in 6 mm and 8 mm diameters.

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