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Festo’s DSNU-S shaves off size, weight of standard ISO round cylinder.

July 27, 2021   by DE staff

Festo introduced its DSNU-S round cylinder that is up to 40 percent slimmer, 3.5cm shorter and 50 percent lighter than its ISO counterpart DSNU of the same bore and stroke length. The slim cylinder features PUR seals and corrosion resistant piston rod and housing. Depending on the size (8-25 with a maximum stroke length of 200mm), the DSNU-S is available with fixed end cushioning (P) or Festo’s proprietary self-adjusting cushioning (PPS). The larger DSNU ISO round cylinder also provides same PUR seals and corrosion resistant piston rod and housing but also features a sintered bronze bearing at the bearing cap and polymer bearing in rear clevis.

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