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Pneumatic Pushbuttons

AutomationDirect’s line of NITRA products widens its scope with host of new selector switches and pneumatic actuators.

July 3, 2018   Devin Jones

AutomationDirectAutomationDirect’s NITRA brand of pneumatic products now includes 22mm pushbutton and switch pilot devices intended for use with pneumatic valve bodies. These pneumatic pushbuttons can also combine valve bodies and electrical contact blocks. The pushbuttons and switches are used with EVP series valve bodies to create manual valve assemblies, or hybrid electro-pneumatic actuators. These operators allow mounting up to two 3-way valves, or one valve and one to three ECX series electrical contact blocks. The operators fit in a standard 22mm electrical pushbutton hole. The EVP series manual valves that are used with NITRA pneumatic pushbuttons and switches also function as pneumatic limit switches. Available pneumatic pushbutton operators include momentary pushbuttons with 30mm flush and extended round heads, 40mm and 60mm round head mushroom pushbuttons, key operated 40mm round head mushroom pushbuttons, double-headed green/red rectangular pushbuttons, knob and long lever selector switches, plus 2 and 3 position key selector switches.

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