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EOS adds high-performance polymers ALM HP 11-30, a carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 11 material, ALM FR-106, a flame-retardant polyamide 11, and ALM PA 640-GSL, a polyamide 12 material filled with lightweight glass microspheres.

EOS ALM polymers material

EOS is expanding the range of materials by offering European distribution of three high-performance polymers for Additive Manufacturing (AM) from its subsidiary ALM. ALM HP 11-30 is a carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide 11 material. Its specially integrated carbon fibers give it high strength, impact resistance, and an increased elongation at break for a fiber reinforced material. Uniquely for a fiber reinforced material in AM, parts made using this material display well-balanced, comparable mechanical parameters in all three dimensions. As a flame-retardant polyamide 11, ALM FR-106 is an ideal addition to the existing EOS portfolio of flame-retardant materials. With its combination of high toughness and good strength, ALM FR-106 broadens the application range for powder-based AM materials. ALM PA 640-GSL is a polyamide 12 material filled with lightweight glass microspheres, providing practically the same properties as a normal glass filled polyamide, but with substantially reduced weight (component density: 0.82g/cm³). With its microsphere and carbon fiber filling, ALM PA 640-GSL is particularly suitable for applications that require extremely low weight, high strength, and rigidity in one product. At the same time, ALM PA 640-GSL features increased thermal resistance and excellent surface quality.



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