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H2W Technologies’ XY brushless linear motor This helps reduce the overall height and moving mass of the system.

June 8, 2021   by DE Staff

H2W Technologies released its SRS-004-006/004-003-01-XY, a low profile XY single rail positioning stage. The stage uses brushless linear motors to generate a continuous/peak force of 6.2 lbs [27.8 N]/18.7 lbs [83.3 N] (bottom axis), 3.1 lbs [13.8 N]/9.4 lbs [41.8 N] (top axis), with a total stroke length of 4.3 in [109 mm] (bottom axis), 4.3 in [109 mm] (top axis). The top axis is able to directly mount to the moving bottom axis motor. The stage features recirculating ball linear bearings and a non-contact 1.0-micron resolution encoder. It also features end-of-travel bumper stops, a home positioning sensor, and end-of-travel sensors.

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