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Optimal Engineering Systems’ motorized AQ150 Series features long travel range and high precision.

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has added five profile single axis positioning stages to their AQ150 Series of linear stages. Available in travel lengths of 600mm (23.622 in.), 700mm (27.559 in.), 800mm (31.496 in.), 900mm (35.433 in.) and 1000mm (39.370 in.), the stages are available with either a two-phase stepper or three-phase brushless motor with a quadrature incremental optical encoder. Stepper motor driven models feature a resolution of 2.1 micron. The tables of each stage measures 150mm x 150mm (5.90 in. x 5.90 in.). Featuring a 5mm per-turn lead screw, these have a positional accuracy of 10 microns. The aluminum and black anodized stages can handle loads to 50 kg (110.2 lbs.), and can also be ordered in an XY or XYZ configuration.


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