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Pressure Regulator

Festo’s proportional VPPI regulator features large high-def display and analog/digital setpoint options.

March 9, 2021   by DE Staff

Festo released its VPPI proportional pressure regulator featuring a large, liquid crystal display that can communicate using complete words and not just abbreviations or fault codes. Up to five VPPIs can be connected together on a common pressure supply without the need for a separate manifold. Whether mounted on a DIN rail or another option, pressure can be regulated via an analog (0 to 10V/4 to 20ma) or digital setpoint. The digital setpoint feature eliminates the need for an analog card. With only three standard output signals from a master controller, it is possible to select seven custom setpoints. Four preset performance levels are also possible: for small volumes, large volumes, continuous flow, or custom applications.

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