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CARLO GAVAZZI RG Series controllers calculate output power from analogue signal.

January 12, 2016   by Design Engineering staff

16-Jan-GAVAZZI-Controller-625CARLO GAVAZZI launched its line of Single Phase RGx1P Proportional Output Controllers that calculates and delivers the necessary output power from analogue signal input without the need for an additional interface device. The RG Series is equipped with three full cycle switching modes as well as advanced full cycle control, phase angle switching mode and soft starting for heating elements with low cold state resistance. RGC1P Contactors offer an integrated heat sink, while RGS1P Relays require a proper external heat sink. Typical applications include proportional control of resistive heating elements and speed of AC motors in HVAC application, control of short wave infrared heaters in semiconductor equipment or intensity of incandescent lighting in an agricultural application.

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