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Motion Control DALSA machine vision

Teledyne DALSA Xcelera-CL VX4 and Sapera APF integrate vision processor with graphical FPGA development platform.

Waterloo, Ontario — Teledyne DALSA introduced its Xcelera-CL VX4 and Sapera APF, a FPGA (field-programmable gate array) based vision processor and integrated graphical FPGA development environment. This user programmable FPGA technology enables users to adopt vision processors for a variety of high speed, computing intensive, real-time image processing applications.

The Xcelera-CL VX4 — a PCI Express x4 half-length card — is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 (32/64-bit) and features a user programmable embedded processing architecture for real time machine vision applications. The board is compatible with a wide variety of cameras, including multi-tap area and line scan cameras; color and monochrome models, including 8-bit 10-tap configurations, as well as Base, Medium or Full Camera Link cameras.

Sapera APF is an integrated graphical FPGA development environment that combines a point and click graphical interface with FPGA-based image processing libraries that encompass more than 150 imaging functions. The development environment allows users to create, debug and deploy FPGA code without having to the development GUI. According to the company, the Xcelera-CL VX4 and Sapera APF will be available Q1, 2012.



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