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Resistive Touch Screen

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NKK’s FT Series analog and digital touch screens offer low power and customization options.

NKK Switches announced its new FT Series of resistive touch screen user interface devices, available in resistive 5-wire, resistive 4-wire and digital versions. Resistive touch screens allow for choice of user input via finger, gloved finger or stylus. Customization options include screen size, film choice, glass thickness, material combination, tail type and location, number of keys (on digital models) and integration of monitors and touch screens together.

All models in the FT Series are toughened with films and coatings to avoid scratching and environmental deterioration. Film surface comes standard with non-glare and hard coated treatment for ease of use and maintenance of surface integrity. An optional film which eliminates fingerprints is also available.

Tails use a conductive adhesive and connectors are designed to ensure reliability.
Visual artifacts are eliminated via anti-Newton ring film. Screens are also resistant to static electricity and noise pollution. They feature high touch point density, translating to more precision, the reduction of false actuations and quicker response times, the company says.

NKK’s digital FT Series touch screen is designed to replace a pushbutton panel or keypad when more complex tasks such as drawing are not required.
Touch screen controller boards and drivers for these devices are available from NKK for USB and RS232C communication requirements. NKK touch screens are compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and several legacy Windows operating systems.


IC chips are offered for the 5-Wire and 4-Wire touch screens for engineers who prefer to design their own controller boards.


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