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Robotic Cable Retraction

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Igus’ Triflex RSE system for industrial robots provides automatic guidance of energy supply systems and supply hoses.

15-Nov-IGUS-Robotic-360igus introduced its Triflex RSE, a plastic retraction system that prevents looping of the cable carrier, allowing power, data and media to be safely supplied to the end of a robotic arm. The system is based around the company’s self-lubricating DryLin linear bearings. A moving carriage guides the cable carrier, allowing for a retraction stroke of up to 23.6 inches, while a elastic cord automatically retracts any excess slack, preventing loop formation within the system. The low profile RSE features integrated adjustable attachment plates, which allow the system to be mounted close to the robot. Triflex RSE was designed for use with igus’ Triflex R line of cable carriers, available in a variety of diameters and styles.


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