Rod End Bearings

JW Winco Canada expands range of rod end bearings.

0 February 26, 2019
by DE Staff

JW Winco Canada, Inc. has released an expanded range of rod end bearings, including its GN 648.1/GN 648.2 Steel Zinc-Plated, Tapped Type or with Threaded Stem and GN 648.5/GN 648.6 Stainless Steel, Tapped Type or with Threaded Stem. The plated steel rod end bearings housing’s have a blue passivated finish. For the pairings, the bearing socket is brass – on the version where lubrication is possible — while the self-lubricated version is steel, zinc plated. The internal ring for both is steel, hardened, ground and polished. The GN 648.5 and the GN 648.6 bearings have a stainless steel housing that is forged and polished. For the pairings, the version with the lubrication fitting features a bronze bearing socket with a steel internal ring that is hardened, ground, polished and hard chrome plated. The two self-lubricated versions have pairings with a PTFE-insert, with one made of bronze and the other of stainless steel, with an internal ring that is also stainless steel

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