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Power Transmission Machine Building HEIDENHAIN Leine & Linde rotary encoder

Leine & Linde 1000 series encoder adds speed monitoring.

16-July-Leine-Linde-rotary encoder-360HEIDENHAIN announced it now supplies Leine & Linde’s 1000 series of rotary encoders. The line incorporates overspeed electronics that control three different relay switches which can be programmed for identification of critical speeds or errors in direction. In addition, a fourth relay can be set to detect overspeed conditions, or be set to detect any functional error in the unit itself. Speed limits can be set for direction, over and under speed from 0 to 6000 rpm. PC-based software is provided to configure the encoder using a standard USB port. The encoder is rated at 200g shock, 30g vibration, and its IP67 enclosure can also withstand wet or dusty environments with high temperatures.


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