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The SCHUNK ERS rotary module offers endless rotation up to 250 rpm and can approach any intermediate positions at a repeat accuracy of 0.01°.

SCHUNK ERS rotary moduleSCHUNK ERS rotary module was developed for rotary motions in the middle load range has a height of only 66 mm in size 170. It achieves a rated torque of 5 Nm and a maximum torque of 17 Nm. In assembly applications it can be used either as a rotary module or as a small rotary indexing table. The core component is a hollow shaft torque motor, which makes it possible to build a very lightweight and compact module that operates completely wear-free and therefore extremely efficiently. With its endless rotation at speeds of up to 250 rpm it can approach any intermediate positions at a repeat accuracy of 0.01°. The ERS has no additional interfering contour. Elasticity from backlash and friction is also eliminated. Instead, the module features high acceleration, high turning speed and high precision. An optional pneumatic brake can be integrated to ensure reliable holding of single positions. A large center bore allows the feed-through of cables or workpieces, as well as the use of a camera. To conduct compressed air or signals directly without the use of hoses or cables, the compact module is also available in a version with pneumatic/electric feed-through, in which a slip ring or air duct enables the feed-through of up to eight electrical signals (24 V DC/2 A) and one fluid with a pressure of up to 8 bar. The SCHUNK ERS is available in three sizes with outer diameters of 135 to 210 mm. The version with a rotary feed-through is available in two sizes with outer diameters of 170 and 210 mm.


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