Safety Control Unit

Omron NX-Series connects directly to any safety device.

0 September 23, 2015
by Design Engineering staff

15-Sept-Omron-Safety-controller-625Omron Automation and Safety introduced a stand-alone version of its NX-series Safety Controller that uses Safety over EtherNet/IP. The unit’s inputs support direct connectivity to any kind of safety device including safety light curtains, scanners, interlocking devices, non-contact sensors, electromechanical switches, safety mats, safety bumpers, and enabling switches. The unit’s outputs support any type of safety actuator from safety relays and safety contactors to inverters or other drives with built-in safety torque off (STO) functionality. The unit’s EtherNet/IP coupler supports two EtherNet/IP ports to share all system status information with other devices. The safety controller is compatible with any device that communicates over the EtherNet/IP network. The Sysmac Studio software offers control over the Omron portion of the automation system.

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