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Eaton double-door isolation switch isolates the fuse base from line-side power.

August 10, 2017   by Design Engineering staff

Eaton launched its double-door, line-side isolation switch, which features an two-door design with an internal barrier that isolates the fuse base from line-side power. The switch enables maintenance personnel to observe the position of the movable blades within the switch base, prevent doors from being opened when the switch is energized and maintain line isolation from incoming line-side cables within the fuse compartment. In addition, screw-down fasteners on the upper switch compartment add an extra layer of safety, while an optional lower viewing window provides visibility into fuses with blown fuse indicators. The double-door design accepts many safety switch accessories. The isolation switch carries the following ratings: 30A – 1200A; 240VAC and 600VAC; NEMA Type 12/3R and 4/4X enclosures

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