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Automation Motion Control Machine Building Rockwell Automation servo drive

Rockwell Kinetix 5700 drive removes need for multiple servo drives on high axis-count and high power machines.

15-Sept-Rockwell-servo-drive-360Rockwell Automation introduced its Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive designed for machines that traditionally have used separate servo drives to meet high axis-count and power requirements. The drive offers dual-axis servos, a 1.6 to 60kW power range and Load Observer real-time tuning technology, which helps remove the need to tune each individual axis. The servo drive also uses Tracking Notch Filter technology to detect and remove resonant frequencies, and automatically make tuning adjustments over time. DSL feedback ports provide support for Kinetix VP servo motors with single-cable technology. The drive supports both hardwired safety and integrated safety over EtherNet/IP, in which safety data is transmitted using the same wires and IP addresses as motion and control data.


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