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Motion Control servo

Myostat Tamagawa SV-NET Networked Servo System offer compact motors with 6,000 RPM peak output.

Myostat Motion Control, dedicated to bringing reliable cost effective modern components into the European and North American markets since 1999, is proud to introduce the new Tamagawa SV-NET Networked Servo System.
The TBL-i mini servos with encoder are part of the SV-Net line from Tamagawa. These super compact closed loop AC servo motors require a mere 14.5mm square for installation and have a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM.

Features include:

  • 14.5mm square face
  • Robust resolver for position feedback
  • Power ranges from 3W to 40W
  • 3000rpm rated, 6000rpm peak
  • Planetary gearbox options available
  • SV-NET TA8410 Driver compatible
  • Pulse, Analog, SV-Net & Serial control
  • ROHS and CE compliant



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