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Shaft Couplings

Miki Pulley’s Step-Flex couplings improve ball screw performance while solving resonance problems.

April 24, 2018   by DE Staff

Miki Pulley introduced its Step-Flex class of shaft coupling with a two-part elastomer element combination. With this design, a hard (black) element is separated from the aluminum alloy hubs by a softer (green) elastomer disc. This combination maintains adequate torsional stiffness for precise positional accuracy while still allowing for minimal angular and parallel misalignment and absorbing vibration. The coupling’s elastomer element also provides the electric and temperature isolation. The bearing offers torque up to 531 in-lbs. (60 Nm) and comes in 9 sizes with bore sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1.125 inches (3mm – 30mm).

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