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Raise3D’s ideaMaker 4.2.0 Beta introduces boolean operations.

August 30, 2021   by DE staff

Raise3D has released ideaMaker 4.2.0 Beta, an update that further connects ideaMaker with the company’s ideaMaker Library even further, and introduces Boolean operations. Live since May 2020, the Library is an online platform that enables users to download optimized slicing profiles for Raise3D and third-party 3D printers and filaments, and different types of textures. With ideaMaker 4.2.0 Beta, users can access the Library directly and select the slicing profile that they wish to use. In addition, the slicer’s boolean operations allow users to create intersections, unions, or subtractions of 3D models directly in ideaMaker. The software’s search tool bar helps users locate parameters containing searched keywords.

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