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SMS Relay

Phoenix Contact’s relay provides simple monitoring, alarm generation and remote switching via the GSM mobile network

February 23, 2011   by Design Engineering Staff

Phoenix Contact Canada announced the PSI-MODEM-SMS-REL, a SMS relay system for compact remote control and signalling. The system provides six analog or digital inputs and four relay outputs. PDT contacts are monitored and controlled through SMS communication through the GSM mobile network. Every status change at the input sends a definable SMS notification to the selected recipients. The outputs can be switched on and off with a password-protected SMS. Moreover, the status of all inputs and outputs can be queried remotely in order to get an overview of the system status.

The SMS relay is designed for monitoring fill levels, flow rates, temperatures, voltage failures and other operating states or ambient conditions. Lighting systems, air-conditioning systems, irrigation systems and remote units such as pumps, valves and motors can also be operated using the outputs.

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