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Solenoid Valves

Festo’s VUVS solenoid valves are available with electrical or pneumatic activation, and AC or DC voltage.

August 15, 2016   Staff

Festo VUVS solenoid valvesFesto’s new VUVS heavy-duty solenoid valves are an economical and extremely user-friendly option for field assembly in just about any harsh or demanding industrial application. VUVS performs equally well as a high flow, ready-to-install inline valve with silencers, fittings and coils, or as part of a pre-assembled VTUS valve manifold. VUVS is available with electrical or pneumatic activation, and with AC or DC voltage. Users can even switch voltages by simply swapping the valve coils. The rotatable coil allows the operating voltage to be adjusted for easy mounting in tight spaces. VUVS comes in three sizes with G or NPT threads: a 20 mm width, with a 1/8” inch connection and a 700 litre flow rate, a 25 mm width with a 1/4” connection and a flow rate of 1,400 litres, and a 30 mm width with a 3/8” connection and flow rate of 2,000 litres. The valve can be connected by hose or pipe, the latter often a requirement in potentially hazardous environments where a hose might rupture.

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