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Stepper Motor Controller

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Motion Control drive motor controller

Haydon Kerk Motion PCM7539X IDEA drive designed for larger-sized stepper motors.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has introduced its RoHS compliant PCM7539X IDEA programmable stepper motor drive capable of a 75VDC input voltage and a max output current of 3.85A RMS. This unit is designed to control the company’s larger-size stepper motor linear actuators, particularly its size 23 and size 34 units. Like all Haydon IDEA Drives, the PCM7539X electronic drive is fully programmable with a patent-pending graphic user interface.

Technical specifications for the PCM7539X include programmable current control; 12VDC to 75VDC input voltage; drive current per phase of 3.85A RMS plus a 30 percent “current boost” function for use during ramping. In addition the drive features 8 digital I/O points and memory for up to 75 stored motion control programs.


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