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Automation Motion Control Machine Building Oriental Motors stepper motor

Oriental Motor CVK high torque stepper series features 1.8°, 0.72° & 0.36° step angles.

14-sept-Oriental-stepper-motor-360Oriental Motor introduced its CVK Series, standardized 24V DC input driver combined with high torque stepper motors. The series features two motor types with three basic step angles:1.8°, 0.72° or a 0.36°. The 1.8° motor type offers the highest torque in the low speed range. The 0.72° motor type is designed for the mid- to upper-speed range and the 0.36° provides positional accuracy compared to 1.8° and 0.9° stepper motors. The CVK Series is available in five frame sizes: 20 mm (0.79 in.) to 56.4 / 60 mm (2.36 in.). For customers requiring a driver only, the CVD driver is also available with a range of adjustable current settings.


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