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AutomationDirect adds SureStep stepping system motors, encoders and inertia dampers.

November 20, 2018   by DE Staff

AutomationDirect has added stepper motors, encoders and inertia dampers to its SureStep system. The series includes high-torque industry-standard NEMA 14, 17, 23, and 34 stepper motors that provide holding torque from 8 to 1288 oz-in. The smaller frame size NEMA 14 motors are 1.4 inches wide and are available in single and dual shaft versions. The SureStep family has options for open loop control (no encoder), position monitoring (external encoder feedback) and position verification (integrated motor/drives with internal encoder). Fixed resolution encoders are available in 400 pulses per revolution (ppr) and 1000ppr; new configurable encoders allow resolution selection from 48 to 4096ppr (the default is 400ppr). A free downloadable configuration utility autodetects the encoder and allows ppr selection.

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