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Surface Finish Probe

Renishaw's SFP2 probe can be used in bores as small as 5 mm (0.2 in) diameter and offers a surface measurement capability of 6.3 μm to 0.05 μm Ra.

July 7, 2017   Staff

Revo Probe Renishaw sfp2Renishaw’s SFP2 probe increases the surface finish measurement ability of the REVO system, which offers a multi-sensor capability providing touch-trigger, high-speed tactile scanning and non-contact vision measurement on a single CMM. The SFP2 system consists of a probe and a range of modules and is automatically interchangeable with all other options available for REVO. SFP2 is a skidded probe with a 2 μm radius diamond stylus tip. The skid is held against the surface with a controlled force of approximately 0.2 N whilst the stylus tip force is 0.005 N. Each module has a unique geometry as well as a knuckle joint that allows the angle between the surface finish holder (SFH) and the surface finish module (SFM) to be chosen within a range of 180°, using the module setting tool (MST). Access to the most difficult to reach features is provided by an integral probe C-axis, coupled with various tip geometries and a knuckle joint between module and holder. The surface finish system is managed by the same I++ DME compliant interface as the REVO system, and full user functionality is provided by Renishaw’s MODUS metrology software.

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